Monitor your cameras with your PC from anywhere in real-time using the Web Viewer


Thanks to our reliable Motion Detection algorithm, you will never miss any events


If motion is detected, you will receive an instant Email or Push Notification!


Our App:
The Swish Eye app converts your old/unused mobile devices into fully configurable security cameras for free! The app works well in both online and offline modes. Any movement detected in front of the camera will be recorded, and you will be notified by either email or push notification. Apart from that, you can monitor your cameras with your primary device from anywhere.

Useful Features:
Low latency streaming, Good battery optimization, Interactive user interface, Video recording, Footage playback, Cloud storage, Sharing camera, Image capturing, Siren, and much more!

Developed by QvD Apps
The app is created by QvD Apps (QualityValidatedDevelopment). We love to develop high-quality mobile apps. We have created this app because everyone deserves the peace of mind.
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Compact Security Solution

Motion Detection

Has Built-in AI detection algorithms for detecting movements

24/7 Live Streaming

Keep an eye on your belongings, room, kids, pets or house

Walkie Talkie

With Two-Way Audio, you can hear and talk to your kids, pets, deter thieves and soothe your babies

Trust Circle

Share your camera with people you trust by including them in your circle of trust

High Security

All data is end-to-end encrypted behind your Google account


Siren system with custom sounds for scaring away intruders

How It Works


Install the Swish Eye App

Download Swish Eye from Google Play on your primary and secondary device


Sign up with Google or Email/Password

Sign in using the same account on all your devices to pair them. We support Google, Email/Password and QR-Code Sign Up


Enjoy your Simple Security

Congratulations, now you can use your primary phone to monitor your secondary devices! You can also customize settings


What are you waiting for?


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • At this time, we only support Android devices version 4.1 (API 16) and up!
    Furthermore, the device needs to have a working camera.
  • We also support Chromebooks that support Google Play.
  • Questions about this? Contact our team at [email protected]

To be able to provide you with the best user experience and security, you need to sign in.
All data is end-to-end encrypted behind your account, no one has access to it.

  • We support Google, Email/Password and QR-Code sign in methods.
  • Questions about this? Contact our team at [email protected]
  • Keep the device cold by removing any phone covers and place it in a cool, shaded position.
  • Close all other background apps and disable 'bluetooth' if enabled.
  • Keep the screen off, the app will still run in the background
  • We suggest using Swish Eye while it is connected to the power outlet to prevent it from shutting down.
  • You can also enable notifications on low battery and power disconnection in the settings.
  • Want more tips and tricks? Contact our team at [email protected]
  • We suggest you place the device on a stable place facing the area you wish to protect.
    It can be an entryway, your room, the main hallway, or a weakly protected entry.
    We suggest placing the device in a place where you can see widely from the lens.
  • If you have any pets, keep the unit at a height where the pets cannot access.
  • We also recommend turning off the siren if you have pets so that that the pet does not get scared if it starts howling.